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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Latest release of company’s Medical Device Information System delivers advanced integration and new functionality 

ANDOVER, MASS. – March 2, 2016 -- Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that Capsule Technologie, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Life, Inc., has released version 8.0 in the ongoing evolution of the company’s SmartLinx™ Medical Device Information System (MDIS). SmartLinx 8.0 provides a new level of advanced integration and added functionality designed to help hospitals improve the delivery of patient care and enhance operational efficiencies. This milestone release unlocks the power of medical device data beyond the EMR to support the delivery of streams of tailored, contextual data to additional hospital enterprise systems, such as alarm management, and asset management.  SmartLinx 8.0 also includes the general release of the recently FDA 510k cleared SmartLinx Vitals Plus™ patient monitoring system, which provides device connectivity, monitoring, documentation and an early warning scoring system all in one device, right at the bedside to enhance clinical workflow.

“Our clients are expanding their use of SmartLinx across the enterprise, beyond populating their EMR or clinical documentation system, to include timely and accurate physiologic, treatment, and device data. The hospital’s clinical alarm management, data warehouse, decision support, and asset management systems workflows can all be made more actionable with data from medical devices,” said Kevin Phillips, vice president, product management, Capsule Technologie.  “In SmartLinx 8.0, we have enhanced the system’s ability to manage the complexities of medical device data to tailor multiple streams of device data, with appropriate context, such as device type and patient and location information, at the right frequency simultaneously to multiple downstream systems.”

Due to the frequency and the number of alarms in a hospital room, a condition referred to as ‘alarm fatigue’ has consistently been cited as a critical hazard for patients including a 2014 ECRI report that named it the #1 health technology hazard[1]. In the 8.0 release, SmartLinx advanced integration addresses alarm fatigue by detecting when an alarm condition has occurred, normalizing the data to ensure consistency in the labeling of alarm conditions across devices and manufacturers, and then routing the alarm, along with other relevant data, to alarm management systems.

With the general release of SmartLinx Vitals Plus to all hospital clients in the United States, Capsule is delivering a versatile and compact patient monitoring system that converges multiple devices into an integrated hardware and software platform for a variety of care environments. Hospitals have historically started their MDIS rollout in critical care areas where the most medical devices per patient are in use, requiring frequent charting. The recent trend to monitoring patients in low acuity areas of the hospital, along with the improvements in sensor technology spurred the vision of SmartLinx Vitals Plus.   Evolving from Capsule’s deep experience in clinical documentation and IT integration, SmartLinx Vitals Plus was conceived to offer clinicians an intuitive patient-centric workflow with features such as single sign-on; authentication; patient association to a specific visit/account; measurement of vital signs; configurable charting of eight vital signs modifiers and seven custom vital signs; and submission of validated patient data—all from a single screen at the bedside.  

SmartLinx Vitals Plus and the application of advanced integration capability in alarm management will be on display in the Capsule booth #6437 at HIMSS, February 29 - March 4 in Las Vegas.  Additionally, Capsule will also feature informal interactive discussions with several alarm management industry leaders throughout the exhibition.  More information is located on the Capsule landing page.

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[1] http://www.jointcommission.org/assets/1/18/sea_50_alarms_4_5_13_final1.pdf