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The Top 10 Questions Biomed Engineers Need to Ask Before Implementing Device Integration
Biomedical engineers face several challenges in their daily work, especially with communication between device pairings: device and network, patient and device, nurse and device.
Top 10 Questions for Clinicians to Ask Before MDIS
You have enough worries during your hectic day - there’s always one too many things to do by the end of your shift.
Meaningful Use and Medical Device Integration
White paper examining the ARRA and its definition of “meaningful use.” Then defining the basic problem that hospitals must confront to acquire ARRA-related reimbursement under the HITECH provision.
Connected Care: Consider the Options Carefully
While hospitals have always been challenging environments, the current health care environment gives new meaning to the word “challenging.” Sicker patients and increased documentation requirements mean more intense nursing workloads at a time when nurses are in short supply to begin with and the
Medical Device Connectivity: Is Waiting Worth the Risk?
Over and over studies prove that medical errors are preventable, that healthcare providers need access to data more quickly, and that burdensome activities such as documentation are taking away from time meant for patient care.
The Top 10 Questions Hospital Executives Need to Ask About Device Integration
When it’s time to purchase a device integration system, make sure the one you choose enhances not only the current workflow and the existing infrastructure, but the data you need. The following questions can help you choose the right vendor with the right product.
Using Enterprise Connectivity to Make Medical Devices IHE Compliant
Learn about market challenges to be IHE complaint for device connectivity, how Capsule's solutions fit within the IHE Patient Care Devices (PCD) domain, and how Sentara Healthcare's collaboration lead to a successful MDI implementation.