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2net™ Platform and 2net Gateways Bridging Care Settings and Informing Care

Our solutions are helping to improve care transitions, reduce readmissions, and enable scalable chronic care management models from hospital, to home, and at all points in between.  Our advanced 2net Connectivity Platform unlocks vital post-acute care data in near real-time, helping providers to manage patients with chronic conditions remotely, to focus resources more effectively, and to make informed interventions. 







  • A plug-and-play communications device that enables highly secure, medical-grade connectivity and effortless user experience
  • Integrating with wide- and short-range radios, it offers flexible connectivity across a growing and open ecosystem of medical devices and sensors




  • A medical-grade software module that can be embedded in third-party mobile applications
  • Transforming mobile computing devices, smartphones and tablets into secure medical-grade gateways that capture, transmit and protect data for patients at home or on-the-go


  • A scalable, cloud-based system that enables end-to-end medical device data connectivity, transmission and integration with virtually any system, application or portal
  • 2net Platform is an FDA-listed, Class 1 MDDS and CE-marked Class 1 Medical Device (EU) enterprise-grade infrastructure, enabling secure sharing and storage of vital data


As health systems focus on predictable outcomes in the hospital and beyond, we have engineered our connected health solutions to power intelligent care everywhere.

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2net is a product of Capsule Technologies Inc.