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Realize the POWER of Your Medical Device Data

Medical devices provide data that, when viewed in context, offer insight into not only the efficiency of devices themselves but also clinical operations. By leveraging this data, you can learn more about the status, deployment, performance and use of your medical devices across your enterprise while gaining valuable insight into clinical operations and possible improvements. 


Capsule IQ is the analytics solution of the Capsule Platform.  It provides context to the data captured enabling valuable insights into medical device utilization and the overall system health of your solution to increase clinical efficiency.  Plus IQ goes a step further. This powerful application highlights areas for improvement and suggests steps that can be taken to better manage your medical devices, reduce clinical disruption due to technical issues, and improve clinician satisfaction and efficiency.



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If so, click here. Capsule has written a six-page paper for you to examine the importance of analytics in modern healthcare, the value of medical device data to analytics and specific applications where it is already helping make a difference in the quality and efficiency of care. All in less time than it takes for a 11 minute coffee break!