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Vital sign monitoring, documentation, connectivity, and early warning scoring system - ALL in ONE device

Technology is playing a greater role in patient care than ever before – to measure, assess, treat, document.  Many of these technologies do not fully integrate with one another leading to disjointed and inefficient clinical workflows.  The Capsule MDIS offers an innovative, integrated way for hospitals to monitor patients that places clinicians back in control of their workflow by converging multiple bedside technologies.



Capsule™ Vitals Plus is an innovative patient monitoring system that uniquely integrates vital signs monitoring, clinical documentation and connectivity into a single device. Capitalizing on technological convergence, Capsule has evolved traditional vital signs monitoring to a streamlined system that measures NIBP, SpO2, pulse rate and temperature; charts eight configurable modifiers and seven custom vitals; and calculates an early warning score all on one screen, right at the point-of-care. The result? More efficient and cost-effective monitoring and documentation of patient vital signs by optimizing clinician workflow at the bedside.    


Built on the Capsule™ Neuron 2 Windows-based platform, the Vital Plus clinician-optimized design provides clear visibility with access to the entire vital signs workflow – authentication, patient association, measurements, documentation, and recommended actions/interventions.  Its single screen user interface lets nurses measure and chart vitals, calculate early warning scores and submit everything as validated data all from the same screen right at the bedside.

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Vitals Plus delivers:

  • A highly functional and flexible user interface designed to engage clinicians
  • Rapid clinician authentication and patient association
  • Support for rapid response interventions at the bedside by displaying a calculated early warning score based on a hospital-configured algorithm and recommended action steps
  • Assist rapid response team intervention through the transmission of timely results to notification systems

Clinical Engineer_sq_color#144_transparent.pngAs many aging monitors face end of life, Vitals Plus offers a compelling alternative to conventional monitoring by transforming a clinical IT device into a biomedical device.  Vitals Plus packages reliable and accurate measurements with customizable charting, early warning scoring, device analytics, usability, remote manageability, upgradability, and seamless device integration – all built into a roll stand mounted Capsule™ Neuron 2.

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Vitals Plus includes:

  • Measurement of non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2) with Masimo SET®, and temperature
  • Support for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patient types
  • Specially designed tray and bin to fit the storage needs of clinicians and to organize cables, barcode scanner, and accessories
  • 8.5 hours of operational battery autonomy, which can be further extended with hot-swappable batteries
  • Seamless integration into the Capsule MDIS infrastructure (re-using proven and familiar EMR connectivity and management systems


For more information, dowload our Capsule Vitals Plus product brief.

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ChartXpress upgrade to Vitals Plus

Capsule™ Chart Xpress allows hospitals to connect and integrate their diverse fleet of deployed monitors.  As these monitors begin to age and become technologically obsolete, clients will be able to simply add the Capsule vital signs modules to convert Chart Xpress to Vitals Plus – all on the same Capsule™ Neuron 2.  It’s all part of our commitment to provide you only with that you need today and allow you the flexibility to add new functionality and features as you need them.

Now FDA-cleared for sale in the U.S., Capsule™ Vitals Plus delivers useful innovation that far exceeds traditional patient monitoring.

  • Two-page Product Brief
  • Two-page Product Brief for Canada (Pending market approval by Health Canada. For  investigational use only.)
  • 3:37 minute Video
  • Six-page Whitepaper