SmartLinx Medical Device Information System

An Integrated System to Unlock the POWER of Your Medical Device Data

Capsule's SmartLinx MDIS, the industry's first medical device information system, sets the new industry standard for applying medical device integration technology to help improve the delivery of patient care.  It is a powerful, vendor-neutral data management solution that ties together the medical devices across your enterprise into a unified system that not only captures and distributes patient clinical data, but also makes available operational data about the devices themselves. 

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Standard MDIS Architecture

SmartLinx is an enterprise-wide medical device information system (MDIS) that can be deployed in virtually any care environment where a medical device is used for patient care.  From high acuity environments (e.g. the ICU and the OR) to lower acuity environments (e.g. medical-surgical units and clinics), SmartLinx adapts to clinical workflows and technical requirements of your healthcare enterprise.

SmartLinx System Diagram

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To help you quickly learn about the latest features in our SmartLinx 8.0 release, we created the "5-in-50 Webinar 5 SmartLinx advancements in 50 minutes.

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