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Capsule wants to be certain that you have all the tools you need to make an informed medical device connectivity decision. We therefore created this knowledge center as an area for you to find the information you need, not only from Capsule but from our customers, industry experts, and partners. We want you to see us as your “Trusted Advisor” that takes an unbiased approach to giving you the information you need so you can find a solution that works best for your hospital - short and long term.

White Papers

Medical Device Information System whitepaper
The six-page paper provides a brief introduction to a Medical Device Information System: the challenges it can solve, and most important, the wide array of applications and complementary systems it can deliver medical device data to, helping to improve patient care delivery
Medical Device Integration in Med-Surg
Harness the Value of Medical Device Data. Download our brochure to learn more.

Case Studies

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Learn how Capsule was able to help UAMS' med-surg unit face an escalating challenge to deliver a higher level of care without increasing staff hours and resources
Capsule's Marseille European Hospital Case Study
Learn how Capsule was able to decrypt the alarm signals from the Marseille European Hospital's biomedical devices, translate, and send them to an alarm management information system.


Review this slideshare presentation to learn more about how Capsule helps drive informed clinical and operational decisions at healthcare organizations around the globe.
As the med-surg population becomes more acute, the need for device and data integration is expanding along with it.