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Capsule wants to be certain that you have all the tools you need to make an informed connectivity decision. We therefore created this knowledge center as an area for you to find the information you need, not only from Capsule but from our customers, industry experts and partners. We want you to see us as your “Trusted Advisor” that takes an unbiased approach to giving you the information you need so you can find a solution that works best for your hospital - short and long term.

White Papers

In this white paper, you will learn that as healthcare delivery moves beyond the four walls of hospitals and into remote venues, real-time accessibility  to medical device data becomes a vital tool for clinicians.
Medical Device Connectivity: Vendor-Neutral, Open Architecture
White paper describing the types of medical device connectivity and how the vendor neutral approach minimizes points of integration, provides the greatest flexiblity and scalability for hospitals and ensures that all parameters, from all devices can be delivered to the patients record.

Case Studies

Capsule's DataCaptor software automation has proven to be highly popular with the nursing staff at St. John's Medical Center in Jackson Hole Wyoming.
Sherman Hospital discusses their device integration implementation into Cerner using Capsule's solution.


Webinar: Expanding Medical Device Integration to Med-Surg
Medical device integration has been used in higher acuity areas, such as intensive care units and OR, for many years.
A BMDI Project Perspective
Mike Freeman from Sentara Healthcare provides an in-depth review of their BMDI implementation. Hear how they connected over 1,800 medical devices from over 1,000 beds and send data directly to their Epic EMR.