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Each medical device has its own way to provide data. Most have serial ports, while some others have Ethernet or USB ports. However, the number of protocols can exceed 100. So it’s rare for a single medical device connectivity solution to fit the unique requirements of each medical device, as well as the clinical workflows of various care environments and the hospital’s IT infrastructure.

Medical Device Connections

SmartLinx offers four connectivity options to capture data from medical devices found throughout the healthcare enterprise. These include Network Gateway, Serial to Network Bridge, Software Only, and Clinical Computer.  The appropriate connectivity solution is a function of the clinical workflow of the care area, contextual awareness at the bedside, and implementation and support requirements.

Watch the video below to learn more about your four connectivity options.


SmartLinx Gateway

Connectivity through an existing device network infrastructure.

SmartLinx Client

A software-only solution that provides connectivity through an existing PC and hardware infrastructure. This is particularly suitable for care areas with a connected PC, such as an AIMS-running PC connected to an anesthesia machine in an OR.

Download the Smartlinx Client Product Brief

Capsule SmartLinx Axon SeriesSmartLinx Axon Series

A robust and reliable single-, four- or eight-port serial to network bridge providing reliable connectivity that’s an ideal solution for crowded care areas.

Download the SmartLinx Axon Product Brief

SmartLinx Neuron 2

SmartLinx Neuron 2 is a mobile clinical computer with built-in connectivity ports and a display that can manage connectivity status and data from multiple devices. Thanks to its touchscreen and power autonomy, it is ideal for mobile workflows and whenever patient ID is required for successful integration.

Download the SmartLinx Neuron 2 Technical Data Sheet

Like the original Neuron, Neuron 2 is scalable and features a field upgradeable design and runs the following applications:

Capsule Smartlinx Chart XpressSmartLinx Chart Xpress

SmartLinx Chart Xpress provides mobile connectivity for periodic monitors in lower acuity care areas such as med-surg. It provides turnkey connectivity for all your existing spot monitors and features bedside charting capabilities that reduce vitals charting time from hours to seconds.

Download the Chart Xpress Product Brief

Download the Device Driver Library for Chart Xpress


Early Warning Scoring SystemSmartLinx Chart Xpress Early Warning Scoring System

An optional Early Warning Scoring System (EWSS) detects the onset of potential patient deterioration at the earliest possible moment at the point-of-care to enable direct and early intervention.

Download the SmartLinx Early Warning Scoring System Option Sheet  


Capsule SmartLinx Vitals StreamSmartLinx Vitals Stream

SmartLinx Vitals Stream is typically implemented in high-acuity care areas and ORs. It continuously collects patient vitals from multiple medical device, while providing clinicians a universal view of connectivity status for all medical devices connected to a patient.

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SmartLinx Vitals PlusCapsule SmartLinx Vitals Plus

SmartLinx Vitals Plus is an innovative, all-in one solution for vital signs monitoring and clinical documentation. Re-using the same Neuron 2 from your Chart Xpress configuration, Vitals Plus lets you retire older vital signs monitors with the added benefit of a clinician-friendly, flexible workflow that supports the charting of eight vital signs modifiers, O2 delivery, and seven custom vital signs right from the point-of-care.

Download the SmartLinx Vitals Plus Product Brief

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