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Capsule is the leading global clinical data management company with over 2,000 hospital clients in 39 countries. Our core product, the SmartLinx Medical Device Information System, is the product of nearly 20 years of medical device integration experience. Evolving along with the events and trends that have impacted healthcare, we’ve built our reputation on the strength of our products’ proven ability to harness and unlock the power of medical device data to:

  • Improve processes for directly taking patient vitals
  • Support connectivity to more medical devices than any other company in the industry
  • Improve efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy of patient data communication.
  • Provide timely clinical and operational insight
  • Install systems via a time-tested implementation model

Taken together, Capsule solutions help improve the delivery of patient care by:

  • Saving nursing time.
  • Reducing transcription errors.
  • Facilitating faster clinical decision-making through near real-time transmission of, and clinician access to patient vitals data in the EMR and other clinical applications
  • Improving medical device operational efficiency
  • Maximizing hospitals’ investments in their medical devices